Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Bawat’s main method of treatment is pasteurization combined with deoxygenation in the circulation option. Read more

No, the Bawat BWMS is a one-pass treatment system. Once ballast water has passed the pasteurization unit, either when ballasting or de-ballasting, the water fulfils the required outlet criteria and is ready for discharge. No further treatment needed.

The Bawat BWMS is customized and designed to fit ship and ballast operations. There is no minimum flow rate requirements for continuous operation of the Bawat BWMS, however, a software introduced limit on 10% of the design flowrate is implemented.

Example: a Bawat BWMS with a design flow rate of 300 m3/h will have a design flow rate limitation on 30 m3/h prior shut down.

Yes, the Bawat BWMS is an in-voyage treatment system allowing full gravity based ballast operations e.g. ballast water discharge from top-side hopper tanks.

The Bawat BWMS is independent of water qualities and efficient in all turbidities, salinities and temperatures. Bawat has a proven track record of operations in water temperatures ranging from 2 to 42 degrees Celsius. 

The Bawat BWMS one-pass system has no limitations or requirements for after treatment holding time.  


The Bawat BWMS does not require addition of ‘active substances’ in any form. Bawat's technology is based on pasteurization with no risk of toxic exposure to humans and environment.


No special coating is required for the ballast tanks. The Bawat BWMS using the in-voyage circulation mode, an additional deoxygenation process, also known as oxygen stripping, is included in the process. A small amount of nitrogen is injected into the water flow. In fact, a benefit of the deoxygenation is a significant reduction of ballast water tank corrosion.

No, there are no restrictions for the Bawat BWMS for ships transporting dangerous goods. The Bawat BWMS is EX-proof compliant for hazardous area operation in marine installations.

The Bawat BWMS is independent of water qualities and efficient in all turbidities, salinities and temperatures. With the Bawat BWMS there are no additional measures required for ballast operations in fresh or brackish water.

Yes, for deck site placement, the system can be delivered partly or fully skid mounted or in a shipping container size 20’ to 40’ depending on system specifications. 

The Bawat BWMS only consists of standard marine components. The individual components do not need to be in immediate vicinity of each other, giving the system great flexibility with respect to installation. 

The USCG type approval is expected by Q3 2019.



Bawat Denmark

Agern Allé 24

2970 Hørsholm, Denmark

Phone: +45 2912 3420

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Bawat Singapore Pte. Ltd.

2 Kallang Avenue


CT Hub

Singapore 339407

Phone: +65 8268 0289



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Epsco Germany

Süderstrasse 159 a,

20537 Hamburg, Germany

Phone: +49 40 25330540

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Epsco Cyprus

1st floor, No. 12 C, Kolonakiou Street, Linopetra

4103 Ayios Athanasios, Limassol

Phone: +357 25733091

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Ortech Marine

Aydıntepe mah. Sahil bulvarı

N0.191 Alize iş merkezi kat:1

D:65 Tuzla /İstanbul 34947

Phone: +90 216 494 11 15/16

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Trafalgar Oil

107-109 Vassileos Pavlou Voula

16673 Athens, Greece

Phone: +30 210 899 1222

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Kawato Marine Partners

3-17-5, Mutsuura-Higashi, Kanazawa, Yokohama

Kanagawa, 236-0037 Japan

Phone: +81(90)3104-1272

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Unique Group, Unique System FZE

Plot 1D/07A

Near Roundabout 2,

Phase 1, Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah - UAE

P.O. Box: 42505

Phone: +971 6 5130333

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